West Texas Says Goodbye to Cambridge

It has been fun sharing with you all the photos from my mom and Wanda’s visit. It feels like it was a long visit since it has taken me 3 months to share it all, so thank you for following along.

We began mom and Wanda’s last day by going to a nearby village called Grantchester for some morning tea and scones. (As an aside note, there is a new series called Grantchester that comes on after Downton Abbey on PBS on Sunday nights. I hope you will get a chance to watch it as it shows a lot of Grantchester as well as Cambridge.) The tea room is placed within an apple orchard and next to the River Cam. It was a cloudy, damp morning, which made for perfect weather for some warm tea and scones with clotted cream and jam. After tea, we walked around the orchard and picked some apples from the trees to take home while Philip zoomed around on his scooter.





IMG_0008_2 IMG_0010_2

We left Grantchester and went to Tyndale House for mom and Wanda to see the place where Osvaldo had been working. We left Tyndale House and walked through Selwyn College on our way into the city centre. Although Selwyn is one of the smaller colleges, it is very beautiful and has beautiful gardens. The ivy on the grounds was a brilliant red on this day, which was a nice touch of color against ashen skies.






The rest of the day was spent shopping and enjoying the little shops of Cambridge. We ate lunch at a Cornwall pasty shop and enjoyed some local-made fudge.

IMG_0018 IMG_0019



We walked past King’s College one last time before heading home for mom and Wanda to pack and rest before their journey home to West Texas.



By that late afternoon, we were all wiped out, including sweet Philip.


It is always sad when something good comes to an end. We hated saying goodbye to mom and Wanda, but were thankful for their company and visit. We made such wonderful memories in those 9 days that we will never forget. Their visit gave us the fuel to make it the next two months.

Stay tuned for more of our time in Cambridge and our trip to Switzerland.




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